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Employer Forms and Information

It is critical that Progressive Employment be seamless and easy for the employer. The role of the Employment Consultant in setting up a placement is to do any paperwork FOR the employer, make sure the employer understands the parameters of the placement, and to be very accessible to the employer for follow along, solving problems, and providing on-site support when needed.

This section contains:

Information for Business. This is a summary addressed to the employer that summarizes the broad outline of the placement; discusses insurance and training offsets; indicates that there is not requirement to hire; and outlines what the Employment Consultant will provide to the employer.  The form provides a section to be filled in by the Employment Consultant detailing the purpose of the training, what skills and training are to be addressed, the days and hours to be worked and contact information. Please refer to the Progressive Employment Desk Reference located in the Resources section of this web page.

Vendor Request Form: This form is to be completed in cases where the employer needs to be reimbursed for services provided in support of CWS trainees.  All employers must provide a copy of their W-9 information, including their Federal Employer Identification Number (FEID)

Dear Employer letter from James Smith. This letter outlines the insurance coverage for the trainee and the limits of the coverage. There is also an Insurance Desk Reference that outlines coverage and gives the contact information for the insurance carrier in cases where the business has requested a copy of the insurance certificate.  Please note that all CWS trainees are covered by default, and there is no need to generate an insurance certificate unless the business specifically requests one.

On-the-Job Training Agreement. This form is filled out by the Employment Consultant and signed by the employer, outlining the type of training, hours of training and the amount to be paid to the employer. Once the OJT is complete, the employer must submit an invoice to their local VR office for payment.  There is an Invoice Template available to complete and print on company letterhead. There is also an OJT Desk Reference available that outlines the OJT process.

Creative Hiring Opportunities marketing piece. A 2-sided overview of the options for employers to meet candidates. This is a great leave-behind for businesses interested in meeting our candidates through low-risk options.

Consumer Forms and Information

As it is for employers, it is important to make Progressive Employment placements seamless and easy for the consumer. The individual will have certain responsibilities during the placement. The role of the Employment Consultant is to ensure that the consumer understands what the procedures are for submitting forms and how training offsets are provided.

Participants may receive $10 for 4 hours or less and $20 for anything above 4 hours with a maximum
of 8 hours for a day when in a work site placement to defray costs associated with getting to the job site. When determining appropriate amount of reimbursement, use only the $10 or $20 amount rather than trying to prorate the amount based on the number of hours (e.g. $15 for 6 hours). Any amount of training offset funds provided to the participant above the $20 will come out of the counselor’s case services budget rather than the training offset set aside.

This section contains:

Your Guide to Work Experience Placements. This pamphlet is provided before a work experience begins. It explains what a work experience is and is not, the benefits to the individual, and some guidelines on making the work experience successful.

Progressive Employment Agreement. This is an agreement that both the participant and Employment Consultant sign. The form lists details about the work experience as follows:
•    Training site, duties, start and end dates, the hours per week and the weekly schedule
•     Amount of training offset per day
•    Information about training offset funds and how they differ from a wage
•     What is expected of the participant
•     What the employer will do
Note: There is also a section at the end of the form to request an extension of the placement. Extensions need to be approved by the VR Counselor and also approved by the Regional Manager. The employment consultant will fill this out listing the new end date, the reason for the extension, and the new weekly schedule (if different). The participant and Employment Consultant again both sign this part of the form and it is approved by the Regional Manager.

Participant Progress Report. The Employment Consultant fills out this form so as not to burden the employer with this task.  The progress report is completed at the end of every placement, but may also be used at other intervals to provide ongoing feedback to the participant. It is important to share this report with the participant so they understand where they need improvement and so that they are not surprised at the end of the training period as to how they were rated.


Note: The Employment Consultant should be having ongoing conversations with the supervisor/employer to monitor progress and problem areas so that the employer feels supported and so that issues can be addressed quickly.  This documentation is provided to the VR Counselor and a copy goes in the participant’s case file.

Individual Grant Request. Both the participant and the VR Counselor need to sign this form. It is then used to authorize an imprest cash payment or a payment directly from the Department of Finance for training offset funds.

Consumers may fax or mail their Attendance Reports to the VR office, in which case it is best to have them sign the appropriate number of vouchers at the beginning of the placement so they will not have to go to the office each week to sign each voucher. 

Progressive Employment Attendance Report:
Trainees are required to complete and sign an attendance report to verify they were on the training site for the agreed-upon hours and days.  The days and hours entered need to be verified by both the employer/supervisor and the Employment Consultant assigned to the case.

Participant Self-evaluation of Progressive Employment Experience. The participant fills out this form about mid-way into the PE placement.  Results are shared with the VR Counselor, ideally with the participant and the Employment Consultant discussing the person’s experience together.

Worksite reporting

Reporting an injury on the training site: This form must be completed and submitted to the insurance carrier in the event a trainee is injured. If the injury is severe, the individual should go to the nearest emergency department immediately. If the injury is not severe, the form should still be completed and submitted. In all cases, please inform Nat Piper to report any trainee injuries.