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Informational  Interviews

Informational Interviews

Usually lasting no more than a half-hour, an informational interview is a great way to meet a potential intern or worker.

Summer Jobs for Young Adults

Summer Jobs for Young Adults

Many young adults are looking for summer experiences, including paid summer jobs. You can help prepare tomorrow's workforce by offering a summer opportunity. CWS will match a student with an interest in your business or industry, and will support you throughout the summer.
Company <br> Tours


The best way for a potential candidate to understand your business is to see it in person. CWS can help arrange for group or individual tours of your workplace.

On-the-Job <br> Training


CWS can help offset additional training costs when a candidate needs a little more time to learn a job. A portion of your training costs can be reimbursed through our OJT program.
Job <br> Shadows


Lasting for just a few hours to a couple of days, job shadows are a great way for a candidate to see the pace and complexity of the work.

Paid <br> Internships


For employers who prefer to work with paid interns, CWS can offset a portion of your payroll costs for the trainee while they are in your workplace. Your local Business Account Manager can help negotiate reimbursement based on your needs. We want both the intern and your business to have a great experience, so we'll do all we can to make sure everything goes smoothly!!
Unpaid <br> Internships


Unpaid internships and work experiences are typically 4-8 weeks in length, and allow you to train and assess a candidate prior to making a hiring decision. Insurance coverage is provided at no cost to you, and the trainee is not on your payroll.